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HX900L Crawler Excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Crawler Excavator HX900L

HX900 L Crawler Excavator

Delivering excellent power, performance and productivity, Hyundai introduces the new 90-tonne HX900 L Crawler Excavator. Powered by an eco-friendly Scania DC16 0841 – 478-kilowatt water-cooled engine, the HX900 L proves to be top of the range when it comes to heavy excavating and is the second largest Hyundai machine, just after the R1200 – 9.

Exceptional Power and Performance

With an operating weight of an impressive 88,800 kg, the HX900 is certainly designed for power and success. The machine is engineered to take on hard and rough materials and works excellently in difficult working conditions and unstable terrain. The machine has a variety of modes that can improve its work productivity and maximise its capabilities. The HX900 L comes with a Full Track Guard which enables the machine to work in harsh environments. The guard also helps to prevent separation from the track and improves durability, this works by protecting the link and roller when operators are working in difficult conditions. To ensure maximum strength, the X-shaped lower frame reinforces belly pans and protects the machines internal parts – this also helps to prevent any potential damage. Following tests, the boom and arm provide operators with greater stability when working with heavy loads, overall improving work productivity.

Eco-Friendly and Comfortable

The HX900 L promises the latest engine technologies which provide much more fuel efficiency and work productivity for operators. The HX series improve fuel consumption up to 9% than compared to previous models. The machine comes with a variety of efficient features such as a vertically stacked cooling design and a twin cooling system combining a radiator and charged air cooler fan with a reversible oil cooler fan. For operator comfort and safety, the machine includes a spacious cabin with the latest air conditioning. The new cabin design also helps to reduce noise and vibrations emitted from the machine when working in residential areas.

Maker / Model Scania DC 16 084A
Type4 cycle turbocharged, charge air cooled, diesel engine
J1995 (gross) 641 HP (478kW) at 1,800 rpm J1349 (net) 615 HP (458kW) at 1,800 rpm
Max. torque 320 kgf.m (2,315 lbf.ft) at 1,400 rpm
Bore × stroke130 mm X 154 mm (5.1” X 3.1”)
Piston displacement 16,400 cc (1,000 in3)
Batteries 4 X 12V X 160 AH
Starting motor 24 V - 7 kW
24 V; 100 Amp
TypeVariable displacement axis piston
Max Flow2 x 504ℓ/min (133.1 us gpm / 110 uK gpm)
Sub-pump for pilot circuit 27ℓ/min (7.1 gpm)
TravelTwo speed axial pistons motor with
brake valve and parking brake
SwingAxial piston motor with automatic Brake
Implement circuits 330 kgf/cm2
(4,693 psi)
Travel 360 kgf/cm2
(5,120 psi)
Power boost (boom, arm, bucket) 360 kgf/cm2
(5,120 psi)
Swing circuit 300 kgf/cm2
(4,270 psi)
Pilot circuit40 kgf/cm2 (569 psi)
Service valve
No. of cylinder
bore × stroke
Boom : 2 - 230 x 2,165 (9.1” x 85.2”)
Boom: 215 x 1,935 mm (8.5 x 76.2”) Arm: 225 x 2,290 mm (8.9 x 90.2”) Bucket: 215 x 1,593 mm (8.5 x 62.7”) for 2.95 m arm
Pilot controlTwo joysticks with one safety lever
(LH): Swing and arm
(RH): Boom and bucket (ISO)
Traveling and steering Two levers with pedals
Engine throttle Electric, Dial type
Swing motor Fixed displacement axial piston motor
Swing reduction Planetary gear reduction
Swing bearing lubrication Grease-bathed
Swing brake Multi wet disc
Swing speed 6.2 rpm
Center FrameX - Leg Type
Track FramePentagonal Box Type
No. of Shoes On Each Side52 EA
No. of Carrier Roller on Each Side3 EA
No. of Track Roller on Each Side9 EA
No. of Rail Guard on Each Side2 EA
Fuel Tank1,110L
Engine Coolant70L
Engine Oil38L
Swing Device - Gear Oil2 x 14L
Final Drive - Gear Oil2 x 20L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank)940L
Hydraulic Tank450L
Drive MethodFully Hydrostatic Type
Drive MethodAxial Piston Motor, In-Shoe Design
Reduction SystemPlanetary Reduction Gear
Max Drawbar Pull66,800 kgf (147,268 lbf)
Max. Travel Speed (high/low)3.5 km/hr 2.2mph)
2.4 km/hr (1.5 mph)
Gradeability 35° (70%)
Parking brake Multi wet disc

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