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HL160 Wheeled Excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Wheeled Excavator HW160

HW160 Wheeled Excavator

Introducing Hyundai’s new HW160 Wheeled Excavator, designed for maximum power and precision for the best results in excavating. The HW160 provides a high-performance engine which is also eco-friendly and has excellent fuel efficiency, and it is no doubt that this machine is popular among operators as it ensures the best of the best in heavy equipment excavating.

Eco-Friendly and Fuel Efficient

Not only does the HW160 Wheeled Excavator promise excellence in its power and performance but provides a variety of fuel efficiency features to suit any operators needs. Included with the HW160 is an ECO coloured gauge which displays engine torque and fuel consumption levels – with the help of the new touch screen monitor, operators can regularly check fuel consumption levels at an hourly basis with the aim of reducing operating costs. Depending on different working conditions, operators can make use of the IPC (Intelligent Power Control). This can be helpful when working in excavation mode, the machine will automatically control the pump flow to further reduce fuel consumption. The pump flow rate can be controlled by the Attachment Flow Control, this works by adjusting attachments for an effective flow rate.

Operator Comfort and Safety

The comfort and safety of operators are of paramount importance to Hyundai, and that’s why the HW160 is equipped with the very best to ensure operators a pleasant working environment in the cabin. The machine is provided with AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) which helps operators gain better visibility during operation – overall improving work productivity. An optional Hi-mate (Remote Management System) can be installed for operators to use to locate any important service information on the machine from any computer with WIFI – this feature can help operators save time and money by reducing machine downtime. As well as this, operator comfort is covered with a low-vibration and low-noise cabin.

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