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HL970 Wheel Loader

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Wheel Loader HL965

HL970 Wheel Loader

Introducing Hyundai’s new HL970 Wheel Loader – providing excellence in customer satisfaction and work productivity, the new wheel loader is strong, precise and eco-friendly. With a range of different features and amenities, it is no wonder the HL970 is a popular machine among operators and does the job with high-quality, even in difficult working conditions and environments.

More Reliable and Sustainable

For extra reliability and durability, the HL970 machine includes a range of features to help ensure machine quality and strength. The machine has a strong support and shock absorbing system that helps to reduce the failure of the after-treatment system. This can be due to vibration during operating hours and further helps to improve machine durability. The HL970 also includes a Sinter Brake Disc which works to ensure excellent durability by heightening the strength of the break as well as reducing the excessive generation of vibration and heat. The Hydraulic Hose feature is installed with the highest quality and provides up to 50% in improvement to durability over hydraulic hoses in the previous series. To prolong the life-cycle of the machine, the HL970 additionally includes a Sealed Drive Line Centre Bearing, which also helps to maintain the reliability of the machine.

Fuel Efficient and Productive

The HL970 promises up to 5% improvement in its work productivity as well as improving fuel efficiency in its truck loading by 7% compared to the previous series. The machine includes a variety of features to further its efficiency. The ECO gauge helps operators to keep regular tracks of fuel consumption and engine torque levels, helping to avoid unnecessary fuel emissions. The improve Bucket Fill Factor is useful as it helps to minimise any material spillage on site due to the increased bucket capacity. This is helpful as this reduces any mess or damage on the work site.

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