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HL965 Wheel Loader

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Wheel Loader HL965

HL965 Wheel Loader

For excellence in performance and the ability to move large amounts of materials, operators can certainly rely on Hyundai’s HL965 Wheel Loader. This impressive machine, with an operating weight of a massive 20,100kg, proves to be the ideal machine for operators looking to handle granular materials such as gravel and sand. The Hyundai HL965 Wheel Loader is also the ideal machine for handling materials in quarrying, mining, industrial and infrastructure applications.

Fuel Efficiency in Performance

No doubt the HL965 Wheel Loader provides excellent power in its performance, even at a low speed. The machine also includes a variety of fuel-efficient features to make it more versatile and useful. The HL965 is provided with an ECO gauge – a system where in which operators can monitor fuel consumption at a regular basis to ensure emission reductions. The ECO gauge also displays engine torque levels as well as average fuel consumption. To reduce fuel consumption further, the HL965 additionally includes an ECO pedal which functions when operators use the acceleration pedal – this system automatically senses economical operation to save fuel. The HL965 also comes with a sealed drive live centre bearing with strong support to ensure the reliability and durability of the machine. This also helps to increase the service and maintenance of the machine.

Operator Safety and Comfort

When working in residential areas, where there is a need for minimal noise, the HL965 promises to emit little amounts of noise and vibrations when operating – for operator peace of mind. The HL965 provides a spacious and comfortable cabin that is 10% larger than previous models and includes an adjustable seat to help reduce operator fatigue and provide utmost comfort. The machine also includes electro-hydraulic controls which help operators select different work modes without difficulty, again helping to minimise operator fatigue as well as improve work productivity.

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