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HL960 Wheel Loader

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Wheel Loader HL960

HL960 Wheel Loader

Following rigorous field tests, Hyundai’s new HL960 Wheel Loader promises excellent performance in its work and is a popular machine among operators. With a combination of both strong power and fantastic fuel efficiency, there is no doubt the HL960 maximises work productivity and provides a sturdy, robust machine for operators to rely on.

Easier Monitoring and Fuel Efficient

Provided by infotainment of HHI’s information technology, The HL960 is designed to ensure operator ease at the work site, including a range of different features. The machine includes an enhanced instrument panel which makes it easier for operators working in more difficult environments. As well as this, the HL960 includes a 7 inch Intelligent and Wide Touch Screen Monitor which is large and provides clarity for operators. The machine also includes an audio system with an added Bluetooth feature. In addition to being easy to monitor, the machine is also incredibly fuel efficient and includes both an ECO gauge and ECO pedal to regularly check fuel consumption levels and engine torque.

Operator Comfort and Safety

It is a top priority of Hyundai to ensure the comfort and safety of operators when utilising a wheel loader. That’s why the machine includes a fully adjustable seat, armrest and control lever. This feature can help to reduce operator fatigue and increase operator comfort, further increasing work productivity. The large, spacious cabin is completely soundproof, provided by the latest noise reducing technology. This feature can be useful when working in noisy areas that may cause discomfort to operators. The HL960 comes with an electro-hydraulic implement control lever which operators can use to lift attachments with less strength, again, to ensure greater work productivity on site. The new air conditioning system is a useful feature for operators in warmer temperatures and can provide a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.

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