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HL940 Wheel Loader

Hyundai Construction Equipment – Wheel Loader HL940

HL940 Wheel Loader

A machine that combines power with creativity and initiative, the new Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader provides operators with a strong drive and maximised performance. Proven to be excellent after undertaking rigorous field tests, the HL940 Wheel Loader no doubt is a popular machine among operators and provides utmost success in its performance.

Features for Success

The HL 900 series by Hyundai promise to deliver up to 5% greater productivity for operators in the workplace as well as a 10% reduction in fuel income – proving to be an eco-friendlier machine range. Some of the additional fantastic features include an ECO pedal for drivers – when this system is on, the pressure felt on the acceleration pedal counteracts with a pedal push-back control mechanism. The wheel loader also features a Hi-Mate Remote Management System which can help to lower maintenance costs as well as extend machine longevity. For improved fuel efficiency, the machine also includes an Eco Gauge and an improved bucket fill factor. Other features for operator comfort and safety include extra large cab space, an audio system and a wide touch screen monitor that can be utilised by the operator.

Power, Precision and Control

With an operating weight of an impressive 13,300 kg and a net power of 156 horsepower, the HL 940 Wheel Loader certainly offers excellent power as well as efficiency. The HL 940 is powered by a Cummins engine which achieves Tier 4 Final emissions compliance through a variety of catalytic reduction. An optional ZF five-speed automatic transmission can be installed in the machine as well as the ZF four-speed that comes as standard. For more robustness and safety, the HL 940 comes with a new valve which is now proven to be far more powerful than the previous series. The new valve makes working in difficult working environments much easier for operators.

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